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Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2015 - long list

"The Spice Box Letters" has been long listed for the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2015. 

Visit the Jerwood Fiction uncovered website to find out more. www.fictionuncovered.co.uk

Added: 14:48 pm, 12th May 2015

Armenian diaspora in Cyprus

Four years ago I decided to explore the Armenian diaspora in Cyprus and made my protagonists Armenian. In order to understand my characters I had to research their history and how they had come to settle on the island. That was how I discovered the tragedy of 1915 marked today all over the world. I had no centenary in mind when I wrote the novel but was compelled to tell the family stories I heard first hand from the relatives of survivors. Pam McIroys review:


Added: 16:09 pm, 6th May 2015

Interview with Robin Lewis from the Left Lion


Added: 10:07 am, 6th May 2015

Greek translation now available

The Spice Box Letters is now out in Greek with a slightly different title The Box of Memories. Very unusual for a translation to come out before the English copy but I'm not complaining.


Added: 12:01 pm, 20th February 2015

Sandstone Press - Saltire Publisher of the Year

Great news for my publisher Sandstone Press recently named Saltire Publisher of the Year 2014. Next March they published my four year labour of love The Spice Box Letters.

Added: 15:32 pm, 26th November 2014

Back in the UK

Apologies for the long silence. I'm now settled in the UK (permanently for the moment!) and two frantic months of life-rebuilding have come to an end giving me time to think and get back to the business of writing. After three years of prevarication I have finally joined Twitter. Not keen on the word follower so if you'd like to join me or you'd like me to join you then tweet me @EveMakis. Will use it as a platform to chat about books, authors and in particular Nottingham and Cyprus-based authors/poets and the writing process. 

Added: 12:06 pm, 8th October 2014

Eat, Drink and be Married finally out on Kindle

For the price of coffee and crumpet you can buy a copy of my first book, Eat, Drink and be Married, finally out on Kindle.


Added: 8:51 am, 10th June 2014

You can take the lad out of Nottingham but... Had the privilege of introducing Paul Stewart at his book launch last night in Nicosia. He's spent half a lifetime in Cyprus but our hometown Nottingham has inspired his writing. He's part of a long writing tradition in the city, flourishing these days with the likes of John McGregor, Alison Moore and Nicola Monaghan (Niki Valentine) to name but a few. Paul's launch was a masterclass in reading to an audience - helps when you're a seasoned actor. Check out his book below:<


Paul Stewart

Visit Amazon.co.uk's Paul Stewart Page and shop for all Paul Stewart books. Check out pictures, bibliography, biography and community discussions about Paul Stewart

Added: 8:51 am, 10th June 2014

It's not every day your book becomes the subject of an academic paper...

Being a mixed up individual trapped between two cultures sometimes has its advantages. Thank you to professor Petra Tournay-Theodotou at European University in Nicosia for paying me the greatest compliment and making my first book Eat, Drink and be Married the subject of her academic paper. The novel is now officially on the university's reading list.

Here's a taster:

1. Introduction

IN HER FIRST NOVEL, Eat,Drink and Be Married (2004),Eve Makis explores the lives and mores of an Anglo-Cypriot family in Nottingham at the end ofthe twentieth century. In many respects this is a typical coming-of-age novel told from the perspective of a young Greek-Cypriot woman caught in-between two cultures, the one “I hail from” and the one that “I was brought up in,” and can thus be read alongside first novels such as Lara by Bernardine Evaristo, Anita and Me byMeera Syal, and Every Light in the House Burning byAndrea Levy.

In the light of the lively literary production by members of other immigrant communitiesin Britain, Cypriot voices have to date been few and far between, and it is thanks to Eve Makis that Cyprus and its specific diasporic narrative has finally been placed firmly on the literary map. As the only full length novel describing the Cypriot diaspora experience in Britain, Eat Drink and Be Married can almost inevitably only be received as a novel that speaks as ‘representative’ of that experience. Despite the problems surrounding the issue of the ‘burden of representation’ that results for minoritarian writers who are faced with the expectation that they “‘speak for’ the marginalized communities from which they come, Eve Makis willingly and consciously wants to meet these expectations...

Added: 8:50 am, 10th June 2014

Author Talk

Giving a talk about writing at UCLAN university in Larnaca at 7pm on May 7th. Have managed to get my hands on a lovely Armenian gentleman whose agreed to read an extract from my book The Spice Box Letters, to be published next year by Sandstone Press. It's the story of a young woman's search for her family origins through the written memories of her Armenian grandmother.

Added: 8:45 am, 10th June 2014

The Bailout Bandits

A year ago I set up a writing course in Larnaca and managed to attract a vibrant and talented group of people. Our numbers waned, many of the writers leaving Cyprus, but a core remained well after the course was meant to end to make Monday nights the highlight of my week. Last March we experienced the banking crisis on the island and it left us all shell shocked, everyone in the group affected to some degree be it through job loss, wage cuts or the plunder of savings accounts and pension pots. What do you do when you can’t stomach the status quo but you’re not prepared to throw Molotov cocktails either? I proposed we write a book about it, veil the stark facts in a political satire-cum-crime novel, say everything we wanted to say through the auspices of fiction. Group members rose to the challenge and we set about writing a communal novel about an unlikely group of kidnappers and a reluctant sleuth who loses all his money in the bank collapse. Seven months of hard work later and in record time the novel is finished, working title The Bailout Bandits. The manuscript is now in the hands of my agent and we are all busily chewing our nails awaiting the verdict.

Added: 8:37 am, 10th June 2014

Sandstone to publish my fourth novel The Spice Box Letters

New Deal Between Man-Booker-Success Agent And Publisher

Sandstone Press Acquires The Spice Box Letters by Eve Makis, to be published in the centenary year of the Armenian Tragedy

Following the international success of The Marrying of Chani Kaufman, Eve Harris’s Man Booker longlister, Robert Davidson has agreed a second Sandstone Press deal with Diana Beaumont of the Rupert Heath Literary Agency. The Spice Box Letters is the story of a young woman’s search for her family origins through the written memories of her Armenian grandmother.

Robert Davidson, Director of Sandstone Press said:-
‘We are delighted to welcome such an accomplished novelist as Eve Makis to our list. Her novel is highly timeous in that it looks back, with an unflinching eye, to the terrible events of the Armenian genocide of 1915, widely regarded as the first of the 20th century, and its aftermath. It speaks of exile and diaspora, subjects that are close to our hearts here in Highland Scotland, and chimes with other Sandstone books such as Remzije Sherifi’s Shadow Behind the Sun, Urszula Muskus’s The Long Bridge, and Linda Spalding’s The Purchase. It is also a love story, in fact several love stories, but the story of one undying love in particular.’

Diana Beaumont, Agent commented:-
‘I am delighted that Eve Makis will be published by Sandstone Press. They are a passionate, dedicated team and Eve is a talented writer with an important story to tell so it feels like a very good fit, not least because I have had an excellent experience working with Sandstone, and Faber Factory Plus, on The Marrying of Chani Kaufman. I am also pleased that Eve's first novel, Eat, Drink and Be Married, which has sold over 22,000 copies will be reissued as an e-book.’

Many thanks to Sandstone Press for welcoming me to their multicultural mix. I would like to think of the book as a spice box, not only peppered by tragedy, but also evoking a distinct sense of culture through food, folklore and customs, an attempt to balance a dark, turbulent past with a lighter, more hopeful present. It is essentially a story about intimate family secrets, slowly unraveled and the enduring quality of love.’

Added: 8:44 am, 10th June 2014

Interview with Eve Makis a writer of communities and relationships


Added: 8:38 am, 10th June 2014

Added: 9:44 am, 13th May 2013

Larnaca Parents Network - posted by Sharon McKinley

What an inspiring evening at the Larnaca Parents Network event last night. Catherine Berger read an excerpt from Eve Makis yet to be published novel. Eve also read from her debut novel, "Eat, Drink and be Married". Looking forward to the screen adaptation of her third novel "Land of the Golden Apple" and all that LPN has store for us next year! Oh and the nibbles provided by The Nest were fabulous!

Added: 8:38 am, 10th June 2014

Elaine Aldred interview

Added: 9:19 am, 7th May 2013

Living in Cyprus

Currently living in Cyprus developing the screen adaptation of Land of the Golden Apple with the award-winning screenwriter Stavros Pamboullis. Have guest lectured at European University and the University of Nicosia and started my own creative writing class with eight terrific students. Book four, Letters to a Lost Brother, finally complete and currently in the hands of my agent, Diana Beaumont. Book five, as yet untitled, thirty pages in...

Added: 8:38 am, 10th June 2014

Talk at Broadway Book Club

After my evening with the Broadway Book Club I find myself in awe of Pam Mcllroy, book champion, human dynamo and the brains behind the website Pamreader. Thank you all for your generous comments and the lovely chocolate cake. www.broadway.org.uk

Added: 15:47 pm, 26th July 2012

New Writers UK Book Fayre and Festival

Aspiring writer? Keen reader? Interested in the writing process? Come along to New Writers UK Book Fayre and Festival at County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham on Friday Oct 7th, 6pm - 10pm and Saturday Oct 8th, 10am -5pm. Meet authors, talk to publishers, listen to talks and book readings. I'll be giving a talk on Saturday from 11.15am - 12 noon. For further information visit www.newwritersuk.co.uk. Free parking and admission.

Added: 10:43 am, 4th October 2011

Bookcrossing Unconvention

Thanks to Bookcrossers UK for inviting me to speak at their Unconvention on Saturday and giving work in progress their seal of approval.

Added: 10:46 am, 26th September 2011

Alpha Club

Thank you to the Alpha Club of Mansfield for inviting me to speak, for their warm reception and a lovely cup of tea.

Added: 11:27 am, 14th July 2011

Global live literature event in Nottingham

On 19 May Word of Mouth will be bringing together writers in Nottingham with writers from around the world, beamed onto the walls of Antenna's cafe-restaurant (9a Beck Street).

On Skype, we will be hearing from Kelly Malone in New Zealand, Shonan Kothari in India, Michael Freerson in Holland, EirÝkur Nor­dahl from Iceland, Nora Nadjarian from Cyprus, and Margot Douaihy from the USA.

In Nottingham, there'll be storytelling, poetry, and fiction, all responding to the idea of 'contact' - whether contact with the other side, mediated by internet technology, or Britain's greatest contact sport.

Local writers include Pete Davis, Mulletproof Poet, Sue Dymoke, Eve Makis, Robin Vaughan-Williams, Deborah Bailey, and Charlotte Thompson.

Doors open at 6pm, with the kitchen open until the start time of 7pm.

Word of Mouth is a quartlerly live literature event run by Nottingham Writers' Studio. For more info, visit our website (http://www.nottinghamwritersstudio.co.uk/projects/word-of-mouth/) or email admin@nottinghamwritersstudio.co.uk.

Added: 11:09 am, 17th May 2011

West Bridgford Library reading cafe

I'll be joining members of the reading cafe at West Bridgford library on April 12th between 2 - 3pm to talk about book related stuff. Join us if you're free.

Added: 18:30 pm, 18th May 2011

Liz Broomfield - Bookring - request

Hi there, Do you run a book group or belong to one? Would you be willing to try reading an Iris Murdoch novel and fill in a short questionnaire for me? I'm conducting a research project on whether Iris Murdoch's novel "The Bell" is a good book group read, and I need as many groups as possible to read it! Please share and ask people to contact me via lyzzybee@googlemail.com - thank you! It doesn't matter where in the world you are. I am piloting the questionnaire at the moment and envisage starting working with book groups on this in the next few months (hopefully giving them time to slot the book into their schedule). All personal information will be anonymous and all group information anonymised. I am not part of anacademic institution (although I have an English lit degree) but the Iris Murdoch Society, of which I am a member, have expressed an interest in seeing the results of my study, and I may be able to ask to present about it at their next Conference, if all goes well.

Added: 8:35 am, 22nd February 2011

Join us at Beeston library to oppose closures

This Saturday (5th), there is a national day of action in support of libraries. Locally in Sneinton, Stapleford, Beeston. The main event hereabouts is at Beeston Library, Foster Avenue, Beeston starting at 11.00 and finishing at 1.00. There will be a read-in and a read out. Bring your library card for mass borrowing (books can be returned to any City/County library) or join on the day.
If you don't know already, Nottinghamshire County Council has put ú400,000 back into the book fund and ú70,000 back into the staffing costs of 22 of the smaller libraries, following earlier protests. This moves the situation from catastrophic to bad, as it is still a cut of 50% in the book fund and 50% in opening hours for those libraries but secures the jobs of a number of part-time, low paid women workers and keeps those libraries and the book stock diminished but viable. Some other local authorities are closing libraries and this event is also in support of those library workers and users.
I hope to see you on Saturday.

Added: 10:17 am, 3rd February 2011

Madame Figaro - Women of the Year Awards 2010

I've been nominated for an award in Cyprus. If you have the time and the inclination please cast your vote by following the link below. My name is in the third box down on the left in the creative catagory. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


Madame Figaro Women of the Year Awards 2010

Added: 13:35 pm, 24th December 2010

Gotham WI

Thanks to the ladies of Gotham WI for their warm welcome and inviting me to talk about my work

Added: 13:32 pm, 7th October 2010

Storyfest Nottingham - Southwell Library

As part of Storyfest Nottingham I've been asked to read and talk at Southwell Library on March 12 at 7.30pm. Storyfest, throughout March, includes live story telling nights, author events and workshops. To find out what's on go to www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/storyfest

Added: 11:23 am, 9th March 2010

Launch of Storyfest 2010

Come along to the launch of Storyfest 2010 at West Bridgford library on March 1st, 6-7.30pm. I'll be there, mingling. Meet writers and story tellers involved in the events taking place throughout Nottinghamshire over the coming months.

Added: 20:55 pm, 28th February 2010

Gotham Book Club

A big thank you to Gotham book club for their warm reception last night. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

Added: 11:06 am, 3rd February 2010

Reader's Day at Retford Library

Retford library's second annual Reader's Day, which brings together readers, authors and library experts, takes place this Saturday, 24th of October. I've been invited along to chair an informal discussion about top books and to talk about my work. Hope to see you there. View the Reader's Day programme of events on www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/retfordreadersday.pdf.

Added: 22:33 pm, 21st October 2009

Radio Nottingham - Book of the month

Thank you Sheelagh 'the book doctor' from Nottinghamshire Country Libraries services for naming Land of the Golden Apple her book of the month on radio Nottingham last week.

Added: 11:17 am, 3rd August 2009

Bingham Reading Cafe

'Come along to Bingham library on Friday March 27 at 10.30am to talk about anything book related. A reading cafe is held at the library on the last Friday of every month and I'll be there this week to join in and read a passage from a book in progress. See you there.'

Added: 17:32 pm, 26th March 2009

The 3rd UK Cypriot Film Festival - Pheonix cinema, East Finchley

Come and hear an extract from my third book on Sunday March 6th at 3pm at the 3rd Cypriot Film Festival. The event runs for three days from Friday March 6th and showcases a variety of short films, book readings and workshops. For further information go to www.cypriotfilmfestival.com or call 0208 4446789.

Added: 11:19 am, 3rd August 2009

Farnsfield Library

'Many thanks to all those who came along to Farnsfield Library last night to hear my talk. You made me feel very welcome.'

Added: 11:30 am, 24th February 2009

Book competition

Signed copies have now been sent to five randomly selected correct entries. Thanks to all those who entered.

Added: 11:28 am, 24th February 2009

Farnsfield Library

Eve will be talking about her work and reading extracts from a book in progress at Farnsfield Library, New Hill, Farnsfield, Newark, NG22 8JN on Monday February 23rd at 7.30pm. Tel 01623 883917. See you there.

Added: 19:50 pm, 6th March 2009

Radio interview

Tune in to LGR on Saturday January 31st at 2.30pm to hear Eve being interviewed. Listen on 103.3 FM or go to www.lgr.co.uk.

Added: 11:46 am, 24th January 2009

Sutton Bonnington Library

Catch Eve's talk at Sutton Bonnington Library on Thursday October 23rd at 6pm. For further information call the library on 01509 674472

Added: 21:24 pm, 20th October 2008

Nottinghamshire Reading Champion

Eve has been appointed a Reading Champion by Nottinghamshire Library Services as part of National Year of Reading 2008 and will be talking at a number of libraries in the county.

Added: 19:38 pm, 4th September 2008

Library talk dates

Edwinstowe Library, Wednesday September 24th, 7.30pm
Tuxford Library, Monday October 6th, 7.00pm
Sutton Bonnington Library, Thursday October 23rd, 6.00pm

Added: 19:33 pm, 4th September 2008

Lowdham Book Festival

As part of Lowdham Book Festival Eve will be talking about her new book Land of the Golden Apple and the creative influence of her cultural heritage. The talk will be held in the festival marquee (behind the village hall) on Saturday 28th June, 11.00am-11.40am. No ticket required.

Added: 20:51 pm, 21st June 2008

Eastwood Arts Festival 2008

Author visit with Eve at Eastwood library on Tuesday July 15th, 7.00 - 9.00pm, as part of Eastwood Arts Festival. For more information or to book your ticket call 01773 712209.

Added: 19:57 pm, 19th June 2008

Book signing in Stratford Upon Avon

As part of the Stratford Upon Avon Book Festival Eve will be signing copies of her new book Land of the Golden Apple. Come along for a chat and a glass of wine from 6pm onwards at The Big Fish, 25 Sheep Street, Stratford Upon Avon CV37 9JH

Added: 11:47 am, 10th April 2008


Calton-in-Lindrick library near Worksop will be hosting a talk by Eve Makis on Wednesday April 30th at 2.30pm.

Added: 19:46 pm, 14th March 2008


Catch Eve's talk at Carlton's refurbished Library in Nottingham on Tuesday April 29. Start time 10.30am

Added: 19:48 pm, 14th March 2008

BBC Radio Nottingham

Eve was a guest on the John Holmes show, BBC Radio Nottingham, and talked about her new book Land of the Golden Apple. A link to the audio interview will be added to the site shortly.

Added: 19:40 pm, 14th March 2008

Talk at Southwell Library

Eve will be talking about The Mother-in-Law at Southwell Library, The Bramley Centre, King Street, Nottinghamshire, NG25 OEH, on Wednesday May 2nd between 2pm-3pm. For further information call the library on 01636 812148.

Added: 15:29 pm, 21st April 2007

Thank you Birmingham Bookcrossers

Thank you to all the Birmingham Bookcrossers who attended Eve's talk on November 25 at Hudson's Coffee House. Special thanks to Liz Broomfield for organising the event.

Added: 14:51 pm, 2nd December 2006

Work in the pipeline

Eve is currently working on her third book to be published by Transworld some time next year. The novel is set on a Mediterranean island - no prizes for guessing which one! A young boy comes of age in a close-knit village where life is not as simple as it seems, where a wife dreams of killing her abusive husband and a sexual predator preys on vulnerable children.

Added: 21:18 pm, 10th September 2006


Eat, Drink and Be Married is now published in Greek, Dutch, Spanish and German. Click on book cover to access links to foreign publishers.

Added: 21:19 pm, 10th September 2006

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