Land of the Golden Apple by Eve Makis

The Book - Land of the Golden Apple by Eve Makis

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The Book - Land of the Golden Apple by Eve Makis

‘Life had lost its sweetness. Socrates felt as if he had eaten the accursed apple and was like Adam, suddenly prone to emotions he had never before experienced - fear, loneliness and shame.’

For Socrates growing up in a small Cypriot village is both idyllic and frustrating. Summer is on the horizon and yet his parents, his teachers and his interfering neighbours seem intent on spoiling his fun. He spends his time setting off homemade fireworks and causing explosions, tormenting local pensioners, spying on his brother’s girlfriends and escaping the clutches of the village policeman on his illegal moped. But his carefree days are numbered as the jasmine-scented breeze mingles with the threat of danger. Behind the façade of respectable island life lurk dark and menacing forces. An abused wife plots revenge on her violent husband and a dangerous predator stalks the innocent.

Eve Makis’ world is a fabulous montage of texture, colour and atmosphere; where light heartedness and comedy go hand-in-hand with sadness and tragedy. Land of the Golden Apple is a bewitching coming-of-age novel about the lives and loves, joys and despairs of a diverse yet tightly-knit community and about how those same ties that bind us can also constrict us.

Publication date: April 2008

» Read an extract from the book here

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Land of the Golden Apple by Eve Makis is available in books shops from April 2008.

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Reviews of Eat Drink and be married by Eve Makis

The Bookseller

Mischievous boys in a small Greek Cypriot village have their summer disrupted by the dark cloud of paedophilia. This is terrific in sense of place, the portrait of the boys and the machinations of village life. A lovely read.

Good Housekeeping

Rich with the colour and atmosphere of a small Cypriot village, this gutsy tale starts with the misbehaviour of a boy and his mother's attempts to rein him in. When he oversteps youthful fun with a potentially deadly prank, the spotlight falls briefly on him before illuminating a more adult and disturbing crime set to shake the community. Makis translates the darker side of domestic, small-town life into engaging, vibrant prose.

The Big Issue

Spring descends upon a small Cypriot village and young Socrates is looking forward to spending long balmy days with his friends. Little does he know though, that under the gloss of his idyllic surroundings lurks deceit, danger and menace, ready to turn his world upside down.

Liz Broomfield

Makis does it again, with an absorbing, elegantly plotted and excellently-peopled slice of life in 1980s Cyprus. Young Socrates leads a life of unalloyed pleasure, out making fireworks and causing havoc with his two best friends, all their exciting posessions stashed in the shed of gentle Andrico, the town simple man. But darkness clouds their carefree lives, Marco's dad's violences gets worse and worse, and there's a crime committed that sends shockwaves - and waves of gossip - through the village. The characters are so well observed and really come alive, even more secondary characters like Petri, wide boy army lad in his John Travolta suit, and Kyriacos, owner of a dodgy arcade and full of plots to lure widows. Both of these chaps are seen as real, complex people with choices to make for good or for bad. The scene is set beautifully too, with sounds and smells mixing with sights to produce a really evocative background. I think this may be her best work so far!


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Comments by visitors:

" I have just finished your book..Land of the Golden Apple as it was chosen for our monthly Book Club read. I was enthralled and hope my friends will agree when we meet this afternoon t discuss it. I was particularly interested because part of my family went to work in Cyprus in 2001 and at the end of your book I felt I had visited Cyprus again but there was no airfare to pay !!!! I cross referenced some of your Cypriot foods with a lovely cook book....Falling Cloudberries...which has a section on Cypriot recipes.You would love it. "

Posted by: Dorothy HENDERSON
12:42 pm, 12th October 2011

" Dear Eve, I have just finished reading your book Land of the Golden Apple. It was so beautifully written, the characters were so interesting and being an English Cypriot myself I felt as if i could relate to them straight away. A wonderful story, I hope you write another book like that based in Cyprus. Thank you "

Posted by: Sophia Christou
10:15 am, 14th June 2010

" I have just finished this book. what joy, so many emotions felt throughout. Loved all the characters and the way it was brought together, genius. So true to life. I have read all 3 books, I cannot wait for more. Go Greek Cypriot girl, you are fantastic. "

Posted by: Joanna T
10:18 am, 19th May 2010

" Dear Eve, I read your first two books and I enjoyed them very much. Your lively and humorous writing style adds to the whole story an air of sympathy that adds positively towards the authenticity of the characters' portrayals. I often found myself laughing aloud while reading YIAYIA'S words in your book Eat, Drink and Be Married "

Posted by: ...
10:19 am, 1st November 2009

" Hi Eve, I've read all your books and throughly enjoyed and related to them being a Greek Cypriot myself. Do you have any books in the pipeline and if you have when will the next one be available? Great reading, thanks very much "

Posted by: reader
22:38 pm, 21st October 2009

" Hi I just had to write and tell you how much i loved your latest book,got my signed copy (with many thanks) last week and just could'nt put it down, the housework was put aside and I lost myself in the life of all the unforgetable characters and their lives.Absolute bliss! I have read both your previous books and each one has been better than the last, they just keep getting better and better! Please keep them coming! Never stop writing... Can't wait for the next one! "

Posted by: Necty Georgiou
11:27 am, 29th April 2009

" I enjoyed the couple of hours at Edwinstowe library a few weeks ago. Having read your first book(gave me the giggles) and recognised the symptoms of mothers in general I looked forward to my next read of yours which is the Land of the Golden Apple, I know you said Socrates was based on your hubby did he really blow up the bicycle lamp?? hehe..just great.. "

Posted by: Valerie
21:39 pm, 20th October 2008

" Hi, Eve I was at the talk you gave at Edwinstowe library in September, it was lovely to met you. I had just started reading Eat Drink & be Married, I enjoyed this book very much, on taking it back to the library I then took out Land of the Golden Apple, brilliant, my husbad read it too before I returned it, he thought the same as me. We are now looking forward to The Mother In Law. Keep the books coming, well done "

Posted by: Heather
18:16 pm, 9th October 2008

" Having lived in Cyprus for 25 years it's been a wonderful journey of discovery reading Eve's books. I've howled with laughter and sobbed tears of despair as the characters drew me in to their loves and lives. I just love her prose and deft sketches of utterly believable characters, whose voices i know, oh so well, as they surround me day and night here in my village. Eve keep them coming...our book club here in Maroni Cyprus, have agreed, unusually to a woman, that we have loved all three fact they just get better and better. "

Posted by: ELSA BASDEN
19:16 pm, 25th July 2008

" I very much enjoyed your 2 books, actaully devoured The Motherinlaw in 24 hrs.

Having lived in Cyprus for 4 years it has given me a much better understanding of just why some of the lifestyles that are led by Cypriots actually are the way they are.

What a laugh I had especially at the pessaries for thrush one ............. hilarious !!! Keep writing I am looking forward to your next book ad will order on line. "

Posted by: Kate
12:35 pm, 16th March 2008

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