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The Book - The Mother in Law by Eve Makis

The Book - The Mother in Law by Eve MakisSynopsis by: Eve Makis

Electra is warm, vivacious, Mediterranean-born and married to Adam, a calm, reasonable Englishman. They say opposites attract but are there some differences that run deeper than cucumber sandwiches vs dolmades, Cyprus vs Acton?

When she discovers she is pregnant Electra is overjoyed but finds herself in a dilemma over how to break the news to her husband. Adam has made it clear that he doesn't want a baby. What he hasn't made so clear in his typically reserved English way, is why he feels as he does. Having lost his own father to Alzheimer's, Electra can understand Adam's anxieties over the idea of parenthood - but is he giving her the whole picture? When Adam's mother falls ill and moves in with them their relationship reaches breaking point.

The couple are not the only ones wrestling with cultural clashes. Electra's friend Lydia, raising her son alone, finds her efforts to discipline him thwarted by his indulgent Spanish grandmother.

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Reviews of Eat Drink and be married by Eve Makis

Good Housekeeping

Engaging, delicately observed and believable story of a young couple's struggle to stay together after his acid mother moves in with them to recuperate from an accident.

The Bookseller

A darkly funny novel about interference, Alzheimer's, Greek Cypriot warmth and several misunderstandings.


Vivacious Greek girl Electra and reserved Englishman Adam are chalk and cheese on paper. Nevertheless, their bond is unbreakable - until his mother arrives on the scene. With sizeable pinches of love, tragedy and humour, this is deliciously satisfying.

John Russell (broadcaster and book reviewer)

The Mother-in-Law in this second novel by Eve Makis, is the central and all-pervading figure in a dysfunctional family. The story of how her own failed marriage has a disasterous effect on her relationships with her own children and foreign daughter-in-law is keenly observed by an author, who also manages to capture in her characters the essential differences between two island races.

What I found found satisfying in the author's writing, was the way in which the novel shifted from the initial mood set in the first chapters, to a deeper and engrossing story of believable characters who retain their national traits, even when they are far away from home. Here is a slightly different spin on an old phrase. you can take the Cypriot out of Cyprus but you cannot take Cyprus out of the Cypriot. The author now lives in Nottingham with her Cypriot husband, but has never forgotten her roots and the contemporary history which has affected her own feelings about the division of the island.
Cyprus, with its small population has always had a disproportionate number of very talented artists. Painters, sculptors, musicians and dancers, have all captured something of this warm island in their work. Now, in Eve Makis, the island has produced a skilled and observant novelist. Having read The Mother-in-Law, I look forward to catching up on her first novel Eat, Drink and Be Married as well as many more books still to be written.

Nottingham Evening Post

Makis's storytelling never fails to charm


A whole cacophany of characters from different cultures crowd into this warm and funny novel... A lovely book, rich with snapshots of Cypriot history and culture and an excellent observation of how different families communicate.


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Comments by visitors:

" Just recently discovered you and i'm already a big fan! Your stories are real, truthful and talk straight into my heart... Well done. Please carry on giving us the pleasure of reading your books! "

Posted by: Loukia
10:42 am, 30th October 2011

" I just wanted to say I am a big fan of your work. I find it truely refreshing to read you novels and gain a wider knowledg of Cypriot history as well as culture "

Posted by: a reader
9:08 am, 19th March 2008

" I was delighted to discover that you have another book in the pipeline and have just placed an order at Amazon for Land of the Golden Apple - roll on April 2008 "

Posted by: Julie
9:09 am, 19th March 2008

" I'm from Catalonia. I'm 34. Male. Reading The Mother In Law. This book is fantastic. But even better to have found expressions like 'pa amb tomaquet' or 'truita de patata'. I'm very glad.

Visca Catalunya lliure!

Visca la Eve Makis!

Molts petons (a lot of kisses), i adeeeeeu!

Marc Renobell "

Posted by: Hi from Catalonia
10:17 am, 21st February 2007

" This is a far reaching, perceptive and moving novel. At times laugh out loud funny, it also provides a deceptively deep examination of the relationships which can shape or break our lives.Lively and engaging, this book is hard to put down, and the characters remain with you long after you turn the final page. "

Posted by: Andrea Harrison
22:27 pm, 30th October 2006

" I started this a couple of days ago then read about the last third of the book sitting up in bed after a coughing fit at 3.30 am! This was excellent. Feeling more serious than Eat, Drink, and sometimes a slightly uncomfortable read but only due to the fact that the

observation was so wonderful and the mother-in-law situation so resonant, even without such a large cultural difference! I loved all the main characters, especially Aunt Miroulla, larger than life in all ways but providing Electra with the Greek culture she so desperately needed in cold England, and Alvaro, the 6 year old who thinks he's Elvis. Oh, and Sean, sketched in of necessity but SO lovely. An intricate plot and great observation (esp of the interactions between adults and kids) made this a gallop of a read but with enough substance to keep one satisfied

too. As in Eat, Drink, too, we learn something about what it is like to

live in a different country from one's homeland, and what the partition

of Cyprus really was, and is, like.


Posted by: Liz Broomfield
5:41 am, 30th October 2006

" I was delighted to receive my signed copy of the above novel last Saturday. I

read it in two train journeys to work and back and I enjoyed it immensely. I

especially liked the way the story was told from each character's perspective.

I am so glad I have discovered your books and I shall be buying them for my

greek-cypriot and non-greek-cypriot friends for Christmas. Thanks and I hope you keep publishing your work for the enjoyment of myself and your growing number of fans. "

Posted by: Maria Sack
19:09 pm, 30th October 2006

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